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Marie-Christine Simon


Juniorprofessorin 'Ernährung und Mikrobiota', PhD, RD

Nachwuchsgruppenleitung im Ernährungscluster Diet-Body-Brain

Institut für Ernährungs-und Lebensmittelwissenschaften (IEL)

Academic Career

Marie-Christine Simon performed in-depth human clinical trials during her PhD at the German Diabetes Center, Duesseldorf, investigating e.g. the impact of probiotics on insulin resistance, incretin effect and inflammatory status in obese and lean healthy subjects. Thus, she has a very profound knowledge on diabetes-related metabolic and immunologic changes and brings her scientific understanding from her studies of nutrition sciences at the University of Bonn. Furthermore, she is certificated as Clinical Research Associate, University Frankfurt, Germany and as Registered Dietician. This and her broad expertise in clinical research, highly qualifies her to perform advanced professional nutritional intervention studies. She has a strong background on microbiome research which she gained during her post-doctoral training at Fredrik Bäckheds Lab, Wallenberg Laboratory at the University Gothenburg. Thus, with her extensive experience she aims for mechanistic understanding of the involvement of the microbiome in the physiology and pathophysiology, covering of key aspects of nutrition and metabolism.

Research Topics

Nutrition, Gut Microbiome, Metabolism

Academic awards


Nutricia-Research Award for clinical nutrition 2016

Karl-Oberdisse-Award 2014

Poster Prize 2012 at the Annual Conference of the European Nutraceutical Association (ENA)


Member of the Nutrition Committee of the German Diabetes Association, Mentoring for Master and Graduate Students


Email: [Email protection active, please enable JavaScript.]

Phone: +49 228 73-3814


Scientific Vita

Since February 2019:
  • Group Leader of Bonn-Gut research group within the Diet-Body-Brain competence cluster funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research.
Since November 2016:
  • Junior Professor at Institut für Ernährungs- und Lebensmittelwissenschaften at University Bonn
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