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Alina Schieren



I am a PhD student at the institute of Nutritional and Food Sciences in the department „Nutrition and Microbiota“. 

My main focus is the examination of connections between diet, gut microbiome, metabolism and neurodegeneration via the gut-brain-axis. In this context, we are conducting a human intervention study investigating the impact of different dietary patterns on the metabolism and the gut microbiome.


  • Phone:  + 49 (0) 228 73 2018

Scientific Vita

Since March 2020        
  • PhD student at the department „Nutrition and Microbiota“, Institute of Nutritional and Food Sciences,                                               University of Bonn
10/2016 - 07/2019        
  • M.Sc. "Human Nutrition“, University of Bonn

09/2017 - 02/2018        

  • Semester abroad and research internship at the University of Barcelona with Erasmus+ Field of study                                      
  • Food Research, Development and Innovation“

10/2012 - 09/2016       

  • B.Sc. "Food and Nutrition Sciences“, University of Bonn
  • Study focus: "Food Technology“
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