Oat Study

Research Question

The aim of this human intervention study is to investigate the effects of a two-day hypocaloric oat diet, so called oat cure, and a 6-weeks isocaloric oat diet on the composition and function of the gut microbiome in the context of metabolism, and cognition with a particular focus on the ‘gut-brain axis` in persons with metabolic syndrome. By revealing microbial produced metabolites, we would like to link diet, microbiome, metabolism and cognitive function in humans and to uncover new mechanistic relationships.

Study Design and Procedure

These are two prospective, monocentric, randomized, controlled clinical nutrition intervention studies, each with a parallel-group design.

Study A: 2-days oat cure

For two consecutive days, 34 individuals with metabolic syndrome followed either an oat cure or a hypocaloric control diet, depending on randomization:

(i)              Oat diet

(ii)            Control diet

To implement the study diets (i and ii), hypocaloric diet plans with 3 main meals per day and detailed instructions were provided.

Stud B: 6-week oat diet

During a 6-week nutritional intervention, the effects of a moderate oat intake (1 oat meal/day) were investigated in 34 individuals with metabolic syndrome. Study participants were randomized to one of two intervention groups:

(i)              Oat diet

(ii)            Habitual diet

To implement the study diet (i), participants received isocaloric diet plans. The control group maintained their habitual diet and avoided oats completely.

Before, during and after the intervention participants attended our study sessions. In these sessions we assessed microbial composition of stool samples, metabolic markers in blood samples, anthropometric measures, eating behavior, and cognitive function.

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